Every straight razor which comes into our shop goes through a standard process of honing in order to become sharp. The bevel is set and the razor progresses through eight steps culminating with a 30,000 grit Shapton stone. Each razor is checked under 120x magnification several times during the process to ensure a sharp blade from heel to toe. At the end, the razor has to pop hair and shave a small portion of my arm. If it doesn’t do that then it goes back for a repeat of the process. No razor leaves the shop without being as sharp as I can possibly get it. Our customers often comment that they’re finally able to get a close shave as the razors are so sharp. We are proud of what we can do with a straight razor.

The razor is cleaned and oiled with camellia oil and packed up and sent back to the customer. At that point, the customer has a very sharp instrument with which to work. The variables of pre-shave treatment, lathering, face preparation, beard type, skill with the razor, razor width vs. beard thickness, etc. then kick in. The razor is just one variable in the process. As we cannot control the other variables, we cannot be responsible for them. We guarantee the razor is honed but cannot guarantee you will have a great shave.